Glorious Goa

Well, bonjour! A couple of weeks ago I headed over to Goa in India for two weeks of eating great food, sleeping in the sun, dancing in the sunset and general merriment, so today’s post brings to you some snaps from that.

We travelled to Goa in January for a bit of winter sun, but we also met up with a group of old uni friends who had been travelling for a couple months. They were staying in Goa for a month before heading over to Australia, what a perfect reason to go over hey!! I had never been to India before and I didn’t know what to expect… I was blown away from the sheer craziness of the place –  what a beautiful and wonderful part of the world it is.


Holy Moly. That’s all I can say. It’s so very rare to see cows on a beach and holding up traffic on the roads, but hey you’re in India! The food was gorgeous, I did steer away from the meat and I mainly ate fish, I highly recommend the traditional prawn Goan curry and try a shark dish if you do go! absolutely de-lish!


Goa itself is so beautiful, especially going in the British Wintertime, because nothing beats warm weather and glorious sun. We wandered round different parts of Goa, heading to markets, different beaches and hills to watch the sunset. Fueled by delicious Kingfish beer, we took in the view from the top of Chapora Fort to watch the sunset (a definite must-do.) Two places I’d really like to recommend that you eat for wholesome goodness is Goa’s Arc and Art Juna. We stumbled across an amazing bar which plays great music on the beach; Marbella Beach Club… isn’t authentic but it is bloody brilliant! You can get a white bed which looks out to the sea, yes you dance on the beach listening to great music whilst watching the sunset…. is there anything better? Seriously Goa blew my mind and created the most amazing memories. Forever! G.R.X



Sneak peek into my London Pad



Slowly but surly starting to decorate my flat…I still have a long way to go but I suppose this isn’t a bad start!



Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories


Outta city for a night 

I love the city and I love living in the city, however nothing quite beats escaping to the peace and quiet for a night.

Surrounded by greenery, a suana & jacuzzi in the back yard and bloomin good food & company.. What more do you need?


Mulberry Bag, Topshop long blazer, Zara grey polo neck, Larsson and Jennings Watch


70’s Feminist File | It’s the 70’s baaaby!

I know it has been a long time since I even opened wordpress! And yes I know there is no excuse for the lack of posts most recently. However, adjusting to that ‘adult’ life they call it once graduated (‘life lesson number one’), living in your own pad in city, which costs an absolute BOMB (‘life lesson number two’) and started your very first job (‘well that’s never going to be easy. Life lesson number three’).

Life has been all guns blazing and all units go, go, go.  So led in bed on an early Sunday morning, laptop open and coffee to hand I think I have finally reached the stage where I am able to take a breather and get back to doing what I love.

I want to share this project with you all which I absolutely adored being a part of.. shooting the 70’s feminist file. 70’s vintage is back – flares, suede separates, and retro denims, but this fashion shoot had a lot more meaning behind it than just your 70s classics.

It shares a focus on the feminist zeitgeist, presented in a stimulating nostalgia, inspired from the second-wave of feminism.

Let me know your thoughts!


All thanks to ASOS for my vintage 70’s numbers.. Jeans: ASOS, Top: ASOS, Boots: Topshop


image2 (1)

image1 (1)

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.41.06


Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.42.03



Winter Vibes- Fashion Shoot Shot & Styled By Me

Front Image one Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 image 5 image 7 image 10? image 8
tittle page

Here is the winter fashion shoot I styled and put together myself. I also did her hair and make-up, took the pictures and edited them using photoshop.

With the styling I wanted something fresh, elegant and sophisticated. With this shoot I wanted the styling to be simple but effective, in this case less is definitely more. Her hair slicked back in a long pony tail down her back to show off her beautiful facial structure, bare make-up to draw the readers eyes to her outfits.

Very classy and chic!